In Aristotelis Logica Disputationes




Ludovico BOMPLAMO (BOMPIANI) – In Aristotelis Logica Disputationes – 1641. Full rigid blank parchment; 8 °, cm 23; pp. (2b) + (694) + (2b); lack to the spine and some holes and walkways of extinct woodworm, mostly burnished pages and, in some, with smeared ink and weakened paper, discreet but usable copy. Nice title page (largely cut out at the edges, probably to be removed and framed in ancient times), from which the author, title and year are noted, with a large coat of arms which reproduces in the foreground a large vase with a putto face, various floral decorations and naturalistic with birds, all surmounted by a crown. Few information can be found on the author, who compiled some theological and philosophical treatises. “Born in Ancona (Italy). Professed with 4 votes on May 27, 1640. He holds various offices, including that of secretary of the Company from 1646 to April 24, 1649, that of Provincial of Sicily and of Rome (Italy), respectively, in 1649 and 1658, of Visitor of Naples (Italy), Rector of the Roman College from 1655 to 1658 and Assistant to Italy. In addition, at the aforementioned College, he taught Rethorica from 1637 to 1369, Metaphysica from 1642 to 1643, Logica from 1644 to 1645 and Physica from 1645 to 1646. He died in Rome on April 8, 1679. " (From Manus - ICCU). Ten disputes in total.




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