“I have been in town for a day or two, and heard no conversation but about M’Laine, a fashionable highwayman . . . who robbed me" --Walpole

[Cheap Repository]. Execution of Maclean, commonly known by the name of the Gentleman Highwayman.




A scarce Cheap Repository printing of the story of James Maclean who was executed at the infamous Tyburn tree on October 3, 1750 after a short but successful stint as a highwayman who rid his victims of their possessions in the most courteous manner. With an ominous vignette on the title page of the gallows at Tyburn with crows circling a hanging body while three Newgate inmates look on.

12mo. [title], [3]-22pp., [2, advertisements]. ETSC N490066 (of the five editions noted in ETSC, this is the only edition featuring “Cheap Repository” printed at the head of the title). Not in Spinney, but compare to Spinney 7 (not indicating priority in different editions, though this edition uses his #3 imprint); Blanch, A Reassessment of the Authorship of the Cheap Repository Tracts (2009 Baylor U. Thesis, at pg. 114). In keeping with the theme of being cheap, either in the price to the end user or as a production, the first leaf has a paper flaw resulting in skewed printing and a loss of a few words, several pages shaved too closely, and pages age-toned and smudges.

London: J. Marshall & R. White; Bath: S. Hazard




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